A TO Z directors through their previous employment activities have participated in various ways in dealing with logs and timber through quality and physical control of logs.

Logs and timber products are handled in a number of different ways by various lumber concerns depending upon the nature of their business and the handling facilities that are available. Even though our operations must be flexible enough to tie in with the varied practices of our customers, there are a few fundamental precautions and risks we recognize in all log operations.

A TO Z directors participated in collateral management services to timber awaiting exports, and secured distribution facilities for plywood and other imported timber products. A TO Z addresses the key issues with respect to timber exports such as, are they:

  • Credibly certified as coming from well-managed forests?
  • Monitored and verified as of legal origin and legally compliant?
  • Inspected against contract specification?
  • Tested against technical norms?

Through a range of independent ‘compliance assessment’ services, A TO Z provides responsible buyers, conscious governments and other stakeholders in the forest and timber product sector with the assurances they seek to make informed purchasing decisions, to improve forest control, or to just forge documented opinions.


Here are some Wood & Timber Species we deal with.
  Tree SPP Class  Species  Swahili
  IA Afzelia quanzensis 
  IB Brachystegia spiciformis 
  Brachystegia microphylla Mhanga
  Markhamia lutea 
  Milletia stuhlmanii 
  Mimusops obtusifolia Mgama
  Pericopsis angolensis 
  Pterocarpus angolensis Mninga
  Pterocarpus tinctorius 
  II Burkea Africana 
  Parinari curatellifolia 
  Spirostachys Africana 
  III Pteleopsis myrtifolia 
  IV Boscia salicifolia 
  Bridelia micrantha 
  Combretum collinum 
  Combretum molle Mlama
  Combretum sp 
  Combretum sp. 
  Combretum zeyheri 
  Commiphora abyssinica 
  Crossopteryx febrifuga 
  Diospyros mollis 
  Diospyros kirkii 
  Diospyros verrucosa 
  Diplirhynchus condylocarpon 
  Hexalobus monopetalus 
  Indigofera erecta Mkunde kunde
  Kigelia africana 
  Lannea schweinfurthii 
  Manikara mochisia 
  Manikara discolor 
  Philenoptera eriocalyx 
  Philenoptera bussei 
  Philenoptera violacea 
  Pseudolachnostylis maprounefolia 
  Psorospermum febrifugum 
  Schrebera trichoclada 
  Sclerocarya birrea Mng’ongo
  Securidaca longipedunculata 
  Strychnos cocculoides 
  Strychnos innocua 
  Strychnos sp 
  Tamarindus indica 
  Terminalia spinosa 
  Terminalia kilimandscharica Mpururu
  Terminalia mollis 
  Terminalia sericea 
  Terminalia sumbesiaca 
  Vachellia tortilis 
  Vachellia melifera 
  Xeridoris schuhlmanii 
  Zanthoxylum chalybeum